When it’s time for college students to decide their majors, many go with finance or economics in hopes that it will lead to high-paying and relatively stable employment. It’s certainly true that there are career opportunities in banking, insurance companies, and accounting. There also are high-paying jobs in investment banks,Continue Reading


Counterparty Radar: In Q1 2021 data, outsiders are eating into US banks’ business with domestic funds BNP Paribas was a whisker away from dethroning Citi as the top provider of foreign exchange forwards to US mutual funds in the first quarter of 2021 – the only European bank to breakContinue Reading


The Covid-19 pandemic certainly accelerated e-commerce, from groceries to household goods, and now you can even buy a new construction home fully online. Two major public homebuilders, Taylor Morrison Home and PulteGroup, recently piloted programs in which buyers can choose, design and finance a new home virtually and just putContinue Reading