The relationship between the stock market and your monthly Social Security check should be on your mind. In certain limited situations, sizable investment gains from the market could decrease your benefits or cause them to become taxable. Like most investment advice, careful planning, and a thorough understanding of the rules helpContinue Reading


Stock dilution occurs when a company’s action increases the number of outstanding shares and therefore reduces the ownership percentage of existing shareholders. Although it is relatively common for distressed companies to dilute shares, the process has negative implications for a simple reason: A company’s shareholders are its owners, and anything thatContinue Reading


Nike (NKE) is the largest seller of athletic footwear and apparel in the world. Its business is focused on product design and development, marketing and sales. Key product categories are running, basketball, the Jordan Brand, soccer, training and sportswear. Nike has 1,100 retail stores in the United States and internationally,Continue Reading