The DOD Savings Deposit Program (SDP) is a special savings program that’s designed for military members who serve in designated combat zones. This savings program is one of several benefits the federal government offers to servicemembers to help them further their financial goals. These special savings plans have specific guidelinesContinue Reading


Public health officials are telling Americans to avoid face-to-face contact, including the commute to—and working in—one’s job location, in the hopes of subduing the coronavirus outbreak. As necessary as those steps might be from a medical standpoint, there’s a flipside to huddling up and avoiding the outside world for theContinue Reading


When most people think about government help with retirement, they think about Social Security and Medicare. Since nine out of 10 retirees receive Social Security benefits, and virtually all retired Americans age 65 or older are enrolled in Medicare, this is not surprising.  Other government programs are also available,Continue Reading