It’s easy to understand why Hawaii has come to be known as a Pacific Ocean paradise. The islands’ spectacular scenery—from sunny beaches and colorful coral reefs, to lush river valleys and steep volcanoes—would impress nearly anyone. Visitors can enjoy a range of adventures, from surfing some of the world’s bestContinue Reading


Travel restrictions and Covid-19 As of May 2021 travel to Australia is restricted by the Australian government due to the pandemic. Check on current restrictions before booking travel. Ah, Australia. A fascinating country of contrasts with cosmopolitan cities and snow-capped mountains, dramatic beaches and the desert-like outback. Most travelers find thatContinue Reading


When it comes to leisure travel, Europe is the most frequently visited region in the world, according to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO); in fact, in 2019, it hosted just over half of the 1.5 billion international tourists traveling that year. While it’s possible to travel around Europe onContinue Reading