One of the most common reasons why people choose to go to college is to open themselves up to as many possibilities for the future—financial success, personal fulfillment, career prospects, as well as safety and security during retirement. But do you know anyone who decided to study teaching or artContinue Reading


You can buy a guaranteed life insurance policy regardless of your health, as long as you meet the age requirements. But while such policies are widely advertised and easy to obtain, they may not be the best choice for you. Key Takeaways Guaranteed life insurance requires no medical exam orContinue Reading


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Can you get life insurance if you’re transgender? Yes. Will applying for life insurance as a transgender person be as simple as applying as someone who identifies by the gender assigned at birth? No. Life insurance companies have only a little experience interacting with—and underwriting policies for—trans applicants. Here’s whatContinue Reading


Indexed universal life insurance is a lot like universal life insurance, however it does have a couple of wrinkles not found in traditional universal insurance policies. Universal life insurance comes in many different forms, from your basic fixed-rate policy to variable models that allow the policyholder to select various equityContinue Reading


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Life insurance can be tricky to figure out with all its technicalities and rules. This article will briefly examine the top 10 misconceptions surrounding life insurance to make the road to coverage a little smoother.  Key Takeaways Life insurance can be tricky to figure out with all its technicalities andContinue Reading


The last couple of hundred years have seen an incredible rise in the world’s average standard of living. This increase in living standards is a result of unprecedented economic growth. But a negative effect has accompanied that growth—environmental degradation. Phrases such as “peak oil” and “climate change” have led many to conclude that we haveContinue Reading


If you’re going to view a life insurance policy as an income vehicle during retirement, you need to consider the value of that policy when it comes time for it to begin paying you. Permanent life insurance is the focus here, and of the two flavors offered—whole and universal life—universal offers moreContinue Reading