The main benefit of life insurance is to create an estate that can provide for survivors or leave something to charity. Single-premium life (SPL) is a type of insurance in which a lump sum of money is paid into the policy in return for a death benefit that is guaranteed until you die. HereContinue Reading


Taking out a loan against your life insurance policy doesn’t count as taxable income. However, that changes if you surrender your policy or the policy lapses, and the amount owed exceeds what was paid in. In that case, the loan becomes a taxable event. A Form 1099-R is issued, andContinue Reading


Endowment life insurance is a specialized insurance product that’s often dressed up as a college savings plan. The endowment life insurance policy promises a risk-free, guaranteed return on a guaranteed date as long as you make the fixed monthly payments. What’s more, the cash value isn’t counted against your child’sContinue Reading


Split-dollar life insurance isn’t an insurance product or a reason to buy life insurance. Split-dollar is a strategy that allows the sharing of the cost and benefit of a permanent life insurance policy. Any permanent life insurance policy that builds cash value can be used.  Key Takeaways Typically split-dollar lifeContinue Reading


With life insurance policies protected from creditors in most states, tax treatment is the next big issue for consumers. Tax treatment as it relates to ownership and beneficiary designations can be a source of confusion. The topic gets tricky because it involves U.S. ordinary income taxes (for the beneficiary) andContinue Reading


The hardest part of the job for a life insurance agent is finding good leads. No matter if you know life insurance inside and out and can explain the nuances of your product with impeccable clarity, you can’t survive without leads. Knowing how to find and use leads is more importantContinue Reading


The market is a large and confusing place. It can be overwhelming for the eager investor, particularly one who follows multiple indexes, stock types, and categories. That’s why it is crucial to observe the relationship between four primary markets—commodities, bond prices, stocks, and currencies—that not only makes the bigger pictureContinue Reading


Bitcoin extended its two-week rally Monday, climbing to the highest level since early May, according to Coin Metrics. The cryptocurrency last traded more than 3% higher at $57,530.81 after hitting as high as $57,740.82. The comeback — a gain of another 12% would take it back to its all-time highContinue Reading


That can vary significantly from card to card. Here’s how to get the most value Published October 11, 2021 Rewards credit cards can be a valuable addition to your wallet if you’re earning points or miles on purchases you’d be making anyway. In one recent survey of 2,000 credit cardContinue Reading


Large technology companies are coming under more scrutiny lately from the legal system and regulators. For instance, Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) App Store policies were challenged in a lawsuit brought by Fortnite maker Epic Games, Inc. The U.S. Senate conducted hearings with a Facebook, Inc. (FB) whistleblower. Antitrust regulators have turnedContinue Reading