Ford Motor Co. (F), founded in 1919 by Henry Ford, is a leader in the global automotive industry. Ford designs, manufactures, sells, and services a full line of cars, trucks, and utility vehicles. The company also offers a broad range of financial services to support car dealers and vehicle sales.Continue Reading


Having a strong safety net can make it easier to take big risks. For Tori Dunlap, founder of financial education company Her First 100K, that security came in the form of $100,000. Dunlap, 27, landed an entry-level marketing job after graduating from college and soon learned the corporate grind wasn’tContinue Reading


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Mutual funds have long been a popular choice for many investors because of the wide range of options available and the automatic diversification they offer. However, depending on what you want to get out of your portfolio and your risk tolerance and investing strategy, it may be time to switchContinue Reading


What will Social Security look like when you retire? Many Americans have lost hope that there will be anything to see. According to a 2019 Gallup poll, 41% of individuals surveyed said they worry a great deal about the Social Security system. The same survey also revealed that 33% of individualsContinue Reading


Thinking about some home improvements like putting on an addition or remodeling a kitchen? You might want to consider an FHA cash-out refinance. The FHA cash-out refinance loan allows you to refinance your mortgage, typically at a lower interest rate, and pull out up to 80% of the equity youContinue Reading


Boeing Co. (BA) is an aerospace and defense technology company that develops and manufactures commercial jets, military aircraft, weapons systems, and strategic defense and intelligence systems. It also provides support services to customers as well as financing for orders and deliveries. Boeing operates four separate business segments: Commercial Airplanes; Defense,Continue Reading


Advances in technology, changes in consumer habits, an aging population and the increase in offshore jobs, among other factors, result in a dynamic job market. Employment trends are constantly evolving and jobs that are popular one day can quickly become obsolete as these changes occur. Consider the typesetter: the printingContinue Reading


Spinoff vs. IPO: An Overview Both a spinoff and an IPO or an initial public offering result in a new, public company. However, a spinoff is the creation of a new public company out of a current public company, while an IPO is a private company going public for theContinue Reading