Trustpilot is a digital platform that allows customers to review a business from which they’ve purchased a product or service or contacted customer service. Customers provide a star rating—from 1 to 5—and leave comments about their experience with the company.  The company’s reviews are a way for consumers to gaugeContinue Reading


There is a common saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” An equally valid truism for the investor could be: “Don’t judge a stock by its share price.” Many people incorrectly assume that a stock with a low dollar price is cheap, while another one with a heftier priceContinue Reading


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Volatility is a wide-ranging term, as there are different criteria, mathematical models, calculations and concepts applied to measure and assess volatility. Different traders may have their own criteria for volatile stocks. A few examples: For some, volatile stocks may simply be the ones having the largest difference between high andContinue Reading


The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to change the way they shop. Whether you were a fan of online shopping or in-store browsing, the pandemic altered routines in many obvious, and some not so obvious, ways. Grocery store shelves were quickly emptied of toilet paper and cleaning supplies as everyone scrambledContinue Reading


The American obsession with easy credit and consumers’ unwavering need to use credit cards means these companies have the potential to be long-term winners. However, investors must learn all they can about this ever-evolving industry to be successful. Read on for an overview of investing in credit card companies. HowContinue Reading


One of the most important skills an investor can learn is how to value a stock. It can be a big challenge though, especially when it comes to stocks that have supernormal growth rates. These are stocks that go through rapid growth for an extended period of time, say, forContinue Reading