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ETFs, like mutual funds, pool investor money so that a professional portfolio manager can invest those funds in a particular market index or with a specific strategy. These portfolio managers must be paid for their services, and other costs must be covered including overhead, marketing, and trading fees. All ofContinue Reading


COST beat on earnings and revenue Published September 23, 2021 Key Takeaways Costco’s comparable sales growth decelerated from the previous quarter but came in above analysts’ expectations. Comparable sales growth is a key metric of Costco’s revenue growth from its warehouses and e-commerce sites that have been in operation forContinue Reading


Since the first rollout in 1989, exchange traded funds (ETF) have become one of the most popular investment vehicles. In 2020, there were 7,600 ETFs globally. But, more than 180 ETFs closed in 2020. So what happens when an ETF closes, and why? Reasons for ETF Liquidation The top reasonsContinue Reading


Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) invest in individual securities, such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives with specific investment objectives. In many cases, ETFs are passively-managed where they follow a certain equity or bond index such as the S&P 500. In many cases, ETFs only rebalance their portfolios when significant changes occur to theContinue Reading