top-problems-with-financial-data-aggregation launched in late 2007 as the first online consumer platform that aggregated financial data from many different services. In just two years, the service attracted 1.5 million users and was sold to Intuit, the popular maker of QuickBooks accounting software, for $170 million. Since then, a handful of upstarts offeringContinue Reading


How Does General Motors (GM) Make Money? General Motors Co. (GM) is one of the leading automobile and truck manufacturers in the world. GM continues to produce vehicles under its traditional brands, such as Buick, but also produces vehicles in China through joint ventures. GM earns the majority of itsContinue Reading


Natalie Sweet right before she met the core strike planning team group for the September 20th, 2019 global climate strike. Vivien Sweet Almost half of young people (45%) say their feelings about climate change negatively impact their daily lives. More than three in four young people (77%) say the futureContinue Reading


Posted September 19, 2021 by Joshua M Brown Thanks for checking out the podcast this weekend. We hit number 15 on the Investing podcast chart, which is amazing and all thanks to you. Make sure you’re subscribed if you aren’t already and don’t be shy about reviewing the show onContinue Reading


Wealthy celebrities like Daniel Craig and entrepreneurs like Warren Buffett and Kevin O’Leary aren’t the only ones concerned about leaving too much money to their children: Millionaires are increasingly worried about how much of their fortunes to give to their kids. That’s according to a survey conducted by The MotleyContinue Reading