Unfortunately, small-cap stocks have a bad reputation. The media usually focuses on the negative side. They say that small cap investing is too risky. One frequently hears claims that fraud is rampant. They also say small caps lack the quality that investors should demand in a company. Indeed, these areContinue Reading


If you’re looking to return to school, but the idea of a four-year degree just doesn’t fit with your time or budgetary constraints, many high-paying jobs only require a two-year degree. These two-year programs are often referred to as associates degrees. If making the big bucks is what you wantContinue Reading


The never-ending reports of breaches and hacks prove that your sensitive financial and personal data isn’t necessarily safe, particularly when it comes to credit cards. One of the largest data breaches involved Capital One. The credit card company reported that personal information of 106 million of its customers had beenContinue Reading


Government money market mutual funds include funds that only invest in the following assets: U.S. Treasury securities Repurchase agreements collateralized by U.S. Treasury securities Other types of government securities Government money market funds attract conservative investors who gravitate to stable, highly liquid vehicles that carry minimal credit risk. Consequently, nearly all mutualContinue Reading


Oregon-based Nike (NKE) is one of the most recognized brands across the globe. The company, founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports, is still going strong even today. Known for its iconic slogan—”Just Do It”—Nike is the largest supplier of athletic apparel and footwear. It also designs, manufactures, and marketsContinue Reading