What sets good traders apart from the masses? It isn’t necessarily the ability to pick precision entries and exit points, but rather an understanding of risk and risk management. Risk management when trading futures shares many of the same features as that of stocks – for instance, futures traders areContinue Reading


If you’re traveling abroad, local merchants probably don’t want your U.S. dollars. If you did not exchange money before leaving, after unpacking and settling into your hotel, exchange your American money for the country’s local currency, but do it the right way. Here are your options. Key Takeaways: Exchanging dollarsContinue Reading


The risk-free rate of return is one of the most basic components of modern finance. Many of the most famous theories in finance—the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), modern portfolio theory (MPT) and the Black-Scholes model—use the risk-free rate as the primary component from which other valuations are derived. The risk-free assetContinue Reading


Saving $10,000 is a wonderful accomplishment but it’s critical to put that hard-earned cash to good use. With $10,000 in savings, there are many things you could do, but here are five safe and wise ways to allocate your cash. Key Takeaways Using $10,000 in savings to invest or payContinue Reading


Vanguard has a highly competitive selection of exchange traded funds (ETFs) available for purchase at numerous investment brokers’ platforms. Vanguard ETFs typically use a passive investment approach and follow a particular stock or bond index. 1 share The minimum investment cost of a Vanguard ETF. Vanguard ETFs: Minimum Investment? UnlikeContinue Reading


What Is FAS 123R? FAS 123R is the 2006 financial accounting standard introduced by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) that requires companies to deduct the amount of share-based (equity) payment granted to their employees on an annual basis. FAS 123R was introduced in 2006 and requires companies to share-basedContinue Reading


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