Senators from both parties have reached an infrastructure deal they hope to sell as a plan that can get through Congress with bipartisan support. A group of 10 Democrats and Republicans struck what they called a “realistic, compromise framework to modernize our nation’s infrastructure and energy technologies,” according to aContinue Reading


Most of the largest banks in the United States have a long history and managed to stick around since their early days. In fact, each of the four biggest banks by market capitalization is more than a century old. Wells Fargo (WFC) was founded in 1852, and Citigroup (C) in 1812. JPMorganContinue Reading


Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE (LVMH) is a Paris-based luxury goods empire. Louis Vuitton is, of course, the French fashion house and luxury goods company. Moët & Chandon is a champagne maker, and Hennessey is a purveyor of cognac. These are just three of the many brands cobbled together by Bernard Arnault over theContinue Reading


The investment community and financial media tend to obsess over interest rates and for a good reason. Interest rates refer to the cost someone pays for the use of someone else’s money. When the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), which consists of seven governors of the Federal Reserve Board andContinue Reading