Managing editor for Frontier Myanmar Danny Fenster is pictured in this handout picture taken in Yangon, Myanmar November 2020. Reuters The military regime that recently seized power in Myanmar has stonewalled virtually all efforts to reach Danny Fenster, a U.S. journalist who has been detained there without explanation for moreContinue Reading


Whether an individual is considering starting a small business or changing career paths, it is important that passion is factored into the equation. While characteristics such as strong values, talent, ambition, intellect, discipline, persistence, and luck all contribute to business and career success, following your passion can often make the biggest differenceContinue Reading


Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), one of the largest companies in the world, thoroughly understands how to build a competitive advantage. Some call this advantage similar to a protective moat that prevents other firms from taking Microsoft’s market share. Economies of scale, the network effect, brand strength, intellectual property, and regulation can allContinue Reading