Despite the usual anxiety investors fear when markets keep topping record highs, retail investors are as optimistic as they’ve been since the pandemic started, according to our recent survey of our daily newsletter readers. We’ve been surveying them for the past year on their sentiment, their fears, their allocations andContinue Reading


Index Fund Payouts Index fund starting balance $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 Monthly income for 30 years $421 $1,052 $2,108 Source: Financial Mentor.com. “Retirement Withdrawal Calculator.” Assumes average annual growth of 6% and an inflation rate of 3%. Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying an Annuity Within Your 401(k) All of this meansContinue Reading


Dow Jones, or more precisely, Dow Jones & Company, is one of the world’s largest business and financial news companies. Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser formed the company in the 19th century. Besides the famous Dow Jones Industrial Average, the company also created various other market averages. KeyContinue Reading


Shares vs. Stocks: An Overview The distinction between stocks and shares in the financial markets is blurry. Generally, in American English, both words are used interchangeably to refer to financial equities, specifically, securities that denote ownership in a public company. (In the good old days of paper transactions, these wereContinue Reading


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Do you travel a lot? If you do, you might use an online travel site to book hotels, airfare, or rental cars. Like many credit cards, travel sites often offer rewards as incentives to stay loyal. Two of the most prominent players in the online travel business are Expedia and Orbitz.Continue Reading


It’s easy to understand why Hawaii has come to be known as a Pacific Ocean paradise. The islands’ spectacular scenery—from sunny beaches and colorful coral reefs, to lush river valleys and steep volcanoes—would impress nearly anyone. Visitors can enjoy a range of adventures, from surfing some of the world’s bestContinue Reading


Pfizer Earnings Results Metric Beat/Miss/Match Reported Value Analysts’ Prediction Adjusted EPS Beat $0.93 $0.76 Revenue Beat $14.6B $13.5B COVID-19 Vaccine Revenue Beat $3.5B $2.2B Key Takeaways Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine revenue was nearly 60% higher than analyst estimates. The company expects to deliver 1.6 billion doses of the vaccine in 2021Continue Reading