It’s not that television advertising is nearing extinction, but the TV ad business model is in a time of major transition. Yes, we all still gather around to watch ads during the Super Bowl, but things have definitely changed since the advertising heyday portrayed in show “Mad Men,” when one TVContinue Reading


A share premium account shows up in the shareholders’ equity portion of the balance sheet. The share premium account represents the difference between the par value of the shares issued and the subscription or issue price. It’s also known as additional paid-in capital and can be called paid-in capital inContinue Reading


In options terminology, “naked” refers to strategies in which the underlying security is not owned and options are written against this phantom security position. The naked strategy is aggressive and higher risk but can be used to generate income as part of a diversified portfolio. However, if not used properly, a naked call position can haveContinue Reading


Considering joining a golf club but don’t know anything about it? There’s a lot to consider⁠—most notably the cost⁠—but your decision shouldn’t just be based on money. Like most purchases, the answer to many of your questions will likely be, “It depends.” Here’s what you need to know as youContinue Reading